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Facebook just had their live event which they made sure to let people know they WILL NOT be making a Facebook phone, but will be improving Facebook on Android and Apple operating systems. A question was asked after the presentation that was

along the point of, “Will the iPad get a specific app from Facebook since it’s mobile?” This was quickly replied by Mark Zuckerberg with the statement “The iPad is not a Mobile device, next!” Which he made sure to tell people that it was not a slap in the face towards Apple, but it didn’t save the staleness in the air. Android also received a new update which you can install right now through the market that will have all these features included today. Devices aside Facebook wants to improve things in many ways.

Facebook wants to direct their attention on the social platform and improve it in multiple ways. They want to be able to give us less clicks to log in when viewing Facebook connected applications like Groupon, Zynga, Yelp, Loop, Flixster and many others. If you use Facebook you know its very aggravating when you have the Facebook application installed and already logged in and then you have to log in again when you use another application that uses the facebook connection.


  • Single Sign On – Log In Once through The Mobile Web which moves the need to not have to sign in multiple times through your environment.
  • Location API’s – Applications can build on to Facebook’s open location platform – Read, Write, and Search will now be opened up for developers which helps  multiple applications using Facebook and integrate it so it’s an all in one native feel.
  • Deals Platform – Enable merchants to push deals through Places to gather more customers. Users can interact with local businesses using this platform (Example – Gapp giving away free blue jeans and other discounts if you check in via places in your local Gapp store)
These three things are huge for Facebook and may or may not seem like it right now. Through time applications will be using all these platforms to increase the social environment around us. Imagine your friend posts that they are now at the mall using Places and then posts they  just got 25% off at a retailer in the mall as long as you check in to that location within an hour. This will increase the amount of customers for the business and get their name out along with you the consumer getting deals on things they want. In order for this to work out to its fullest we must have users adapt to this or it will fail. I see this as a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the social real world and the social cyber world. I saw an application using the Deals platform and showing a virtual hole punch card that the store virtually punches when you go back and forth which will let you get some wallet room back. There is a lot of speculation on the privacy of the locations platform and how it might be sharing your personal information but rest assured Facebook told us that it is all up to the user if they want to share their information and can it can be enabled and disabled at anytime. One thing is for sure it is progress on Facebook’s part and we applaud that, kudos…

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