Hologram Live Concert : Yep, the Japanese STILL Scare Me

| November 14, 2010 | Reply

What could be better than lining up and paying to see your favorite rock band or singer not be there and their hologram in its place. I would be mad and demand the real thing, but that is me and I am not obviously Japanese. There is a pop icon named “Hatsune Miku” that is a fully holographic singer who is made up to be something out of the mind of most Japanese men. Sporting suspenders and a short skirt most of the time this little anime babe wants to dance into your live viewing hearts. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure you can program a hologram to hype the crowd better than most performers out there and the simple fact most of them still lip sync anyways this is not so far off


The makers of this technology are “Crypton Future Media” and they say they use the voice of person who does voice overs for anime Japanese cartoons. I am sure there are plenty of voice effects and what not on her voice but then again we can’t say much since America loves the “robot voice,” isn’t that right T-Pain? Is this the new wave of the future that Japan so elegantly sneaks into America time to time, or is it a fad there and a “never” here. Maybe all the singers that you see now are just crappy programmed holograms? Conspiracy?! We can only hope. Check out the video below of Miku and let us know if you’re as freaked out as we are below!

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