HTC Merge Says Hello In 360 Degree View

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Earlier today it seems as though someone over at Verizon Wireless let the cat out of the bag a little early by showing us a 360 degree view of the upcoming HTC Merge which hasn’t even been officially announced yet.  Either way, the device just keeps looking better and better as we continue to see more of it.  From what I can see of the Merge’s sleek, spaced out keyboard and polished look, I might be more interested in using the device when it finally drops.  There is still no official word of when or how much we can expect to pick up this device for, but check out the newest images below and be sure to drop us a comment with your impressions.

Far be it from us to tell Verizon how to do a product launch, but showing off a 360-degree of the HTC Merge before the phone’s even been announced doesn’t seem like the soundest strategy to us. Of course, we doubt anyone intended for this Flash module to have become public knowledge like it has, but sure enough, a forum member over at Android Central spotted it among VZW’s web properties and now we can all take a multidimensional look at this upcoming Android handset. Yes, that includes seeing it with its sliding QWERTY keyboard open — you can find more imagery of that after the break — though the pivotal questions of when, for how much, and “can you disable Bing?” remain unanswered for the time being. Ah well, let’s just enjoy the eye candy.

Source:  Engadget

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