Kinect gives you Shadow Puppets and iRobots : Takes away your Friends

| November 19, 2010 | Reply

Lots and lots of people are starting to pull apart Kinect through code and share it with the community of developers to bring some pretty cool things to life. Using the libfreenect drivers and ofxKinect these users were able to map their hand movements using the Kinect cam and transfer that to a model of a bird or any other skeletal design and then place it on the wall using a projection system. It seems more and more people are using the Kinect in these odd ways more than just hitting a ball in to some tiles like it was meant to be used for.

The above shadow puppets also reminded me of a video that Engadget put out during the week showing a robot that was built under the same drivers and could detect your movement and operate by gestures. This means that if the Robot comes up to you, all you have to do it gesture left or right and it sees this as a command and transfers that in to control. I love the fact these developers are getting their hands on equipment that wasn’t freely available for a decent price. Now they can just go to their local Best Buy and pic up the full sight of a robot for cheap.

These two instances above make me believe we might see Kinect ported to a smart phone or to a console other than Xbox 360. I mean come on, the people with the shadow puppet deal made that in one day, phew. One thing is for sure, Kinect was a good thing to put out during a time of innovation. Check out the videos below of the shadow puppets and Roomba looking  iRobot below…

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