New Browser Rockmelt geared towards Facebook Fans starts Beta today …

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Recently Wired News sat down and the creator’s of the new social based browser Rockmelt.  The basic premise of social integration into a browser is a very cool idea, and I have yet to see this done on any deep level, so I am particularly excited by what they had to say.

Wired News reports:

It’s based on Chromium, so it inherits Google Chrome’s speed, looks, and basic functionality on both Mac and Windows. And while its Facebook integration runs deep, RockMelt is not exactly a Facebook browser. It’s a social web browser, allowing you to post links, videos and status updates to both Facebook and Twitter (that’s it for now, but more services will be added later).

There are also built-in clients for consuming your Facebook feed and managing multiple Twitter feeds, a chat client, and lightweight RSS reader. It does use your Facebook account to personalize the experience, but its reach is broader than just Facebook…..

….RockMelt is polling Facebook, Twitter and your favorite sites periodically to check for updates (There’s no Firehose or PubSubHubbub magic yet, the founders tell us). But the feeds are real-timey enough. Updates show up in under a minute, often less. The updates are collected by the cloud service and pushed down to the browser.

So head over and give the Beta a try yourself and let us know what you think.

Signup to try out Rockmelt Beta Here.



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