New Iphone Tron LiveCycle Game from Coke! Android coming soon…

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Coke & Tron have a new location/gps based game available for the Iphone and they say coming to Android.  The game is called LiveCycle and it aims to put you in the movie, really it literally tries to suck you into a motion picture, be careful.

Okay, so maybe it wont really suck you into a weird dimension with Jeff Daniels but the game is still pretty cool.  The new game tracks you by GPS and creates a light trail on a virtual TRON map based on where you move. The idea is to ‘trap’ other people and force them to crash into your wall, garnering points as you go. It has a speed limit involved, where the light cycle on your phone will ‘discharge’ if you’re going to fast, meaning you can’t eat up tons of game space by jumping in a car or using an actual motorcycle.

Right now it is only available for Iphone users, but Coke is promising to “continue to push out new versions of the game both before and after the release of Disney’s TRON: Legacy”, which will include new single player and multi-player modes. (including the Android Version)

In the meantime check out the game Demo/Video below:

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