Ninjacast 11/16 : First GizmoNinja Podcast!

| November 16, 2010 | Reply

Guests: Wayne DrescherChris BogartJosh KellyJohn PiperJeff Christ

Special Guest: Derek from Epic Applications

Topics Talked About:

  • Gaming News – We talk about our Black Ops experience, and Angry Birds coming to the Xbox, PSN & Wii
  • Windows Phone 7 – Overview of the devices, our thoughts on it being hacked and Verizon’s Trophy
  • BlackBerry – PlayBook under $500, White Bold & Torch’s coming and app development
  • Apple – iPad browser smoked by the PlayBook, Froyo on the iPhone and more
  • Android – #2 in market share, Mecha, upcoming Nexus S with Gingerbread, Angry Birds, Netflix and other apps
  • Facebook – Huge announcements, Facebook Places, still no solid chat and a new Gmail killer
  • Google TV – Our take plus the Logitech Mini Controller
  • Wrap up – TweetDark updated

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Category: Tech News

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