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| November 9, 2010 | Reply

Who has time to rely on press releases when it comes to the availability of picking up your brand new device?  It seems as though Verizon Wireless is just jumping ahead of themselves on the Droid Pro release which was announced for November 18th.  From the picture below you will see that Verizon Wireless has it for sale now on their website.  We even heard that shipping confirmations are going out after completing your order which tells us this is legit.  It may not last for long, unless this is just a Verizon error that doesn’t get fixed, so check out the pic below and let us know if you were able to order your Droid Pro early or not.

November 18th release date? Pre-order as of today? Does Verizon even remember the press release they just issued? Apparently not, as the Motorola Droid Pro is up for sale on their website, and several buyers have received shipping confirmation after clicking “Add to cart” and completing their order. Might just be a leaky hole soon to be plugged, or it could be another case of Verizon flubbing up the whole anticipation and hype thing. If you are wanting one of these jump on it quick and you might not have to wait another day.

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