Pedal to the Metal T-mobile speeds up!

| November 3, 2010 | 3 Replies

Baby steps to GIANT LEAPS, T-mobile is going big, and ending 2010 with a BANG! With the official launch of the new Mytouch 4G, and other low-end Android devices T-mobile announced their HSPA+ network is now live in over 75 markets. That is some good news to all you T-mobile customers out there. This is estimated to be about 200 million people.

Many people probably are wondering, why is T-mobile calling their new phone 4G? Why are they pushing their network as 4G? Well if you don’t know by now then I will give you a little reasoning behind it. Now technically it’s not a 4G network but its true 4G speeds. The speeds are up to 21Mbps and in 2011 T-mobile will be looking to bump it up to 42Mbps. Now if that doesn’t excite you then I can’t help you. If you don’t remember T-mobile was behind in the times when it came to launching a 3G network but there was a true reason behind that. One of the main reasons behind the delayed 3G launch from T-mobile is that they wanted to do it right and big. When they finally launched 3G network they made so that a simple software update to their towers would bring the 4G speeds. So once they got a lot of the major markets up and running on 3G, all they had to do is just update their towers with some software and BAM, you get 4G speeds.  In comparison to some other networks HSPA+ match and sometimes beat WIMAX and are comparable to what early LTE will deliver.

Now if you haven’t yet seen the speeds of this network its pretty crazy. HSPA+ is a super fast network and very smooth. The phones will now be displaying an “H” up top of the phone in the areas that have the luxury of being upgraded.

So just in time for the holiday season T-mobile is making a huge push and leap to be recognized in the mobile phone world. You will be seeing some new commercials upcoming from T-mobile as well that will be pushing the phones and their network. Also will be taking a stab at some commercials that go after some of the competitors.(Is there an App for that?)

T-Mobile let us know that they have some pretty big news, just a day after Sprint finally blanketed New York City with 4G coverage. As of tonight, T-Mobile has over 75 live HSPA+ markets which covers an estimated 200 million people. T-Mobile insists on calling it 4G even though it’s not technically a 4G network, but with speeds up to 21Mbps (and T-Mobile looking to bump that to 42Mbps in 2011 and even 84 and 168Mbps after that), we’re not sure it really matters, especially to consumers. Neville Ray, CTO for T-Mobile said

Chicago, IL, Colorado Springs, CO, Ft. Wayne, IN, Louisville, KY, and Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington, NC have just be lit up with “4G” for your web-browsing, file-downloading pleasure. Full press release is after the break


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  • Chris Bogart says:

    Looks good man, just check out the 2011 sentence towards the top. It says in 2011 they will have this speed and changing it to this speed in 2011. other than that it looks good!

  • Wayne Drescher Jr says:

    Agreed – also might want to run the Grammer thing too – found a couple green lines – other then that it looks good – maybe include the video in the post instead of link to video if possible?

  • Wayne Drescher Jr says:

    Also want to add when you soruce somethings make sure it is Source: Engadget (highlight engadget word and link it to the article using the chain button) instead of .com and essentially mobile is the same source as engadget…