PlayBook vs iPad: The Browser Speed Test

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We haven’t seen much of the PlayBook since it was announced.  To this point there have only been a few video teasers, some pictures, and of course an extreme amount of hype.  That may all change soon as we are seeing the first real Tablet to Tablet browser test put out by RIM showing the browser speed and capability of the PlayBook versus the Apple iPad.  In the video you will see that the PlayBook pretty much owns the iPad in speed and rendering.  Who said the 7″ Tablet isn’t big enough?  Looks like it seems to be holding its own pretty well from what we can see, although we would still need to get our hands on this device before we know for sure.  Are you still considering purchasing an iPad this holiday?  Check out the video below and be sure to drop us a comment.

We’ve only ever seen brief glimpses of the BlackBerry PlayBook in action so far, but a new video posted up by RIM comparing its tablet’s web browsing performance to the iPad certainly has us hungry for more. Seriously — PlayBook pretty much run laps around the iPad while loading pages, and even its Flash performance seems decent, which is a first for a mobile device in our experience. Of course, the video was made by RIM and we’re sure the specific pages were picked to make the PlayBook look as good as possible, but that’s fair enough — now if we could just get our hands on one to verify these claims for ourselves, we’d be happy as clams. Video after the break.

Source:  Engadget

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