Sony Ericsson ‘ANZU’ rumored to come with Andoid 2.3 Gingerbread, same line as Playstation Phone?

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With rumors of Android Gingerbread 2.3 coming this week, I have kept an eye out for any and all leaks/rumors, and a new one just popped up.  This rumor points to the newest Sony Ericsson ‘ANZU’ that is supposedly coming next from SE.  I am pretty excited about this one actually, as I was a proud owner of the SE Xperia X1 and have been hoping they would come out with a stellar Android device.  Its no secret that SE has had tons problems in the last year or so, financially as well as with devices that are severely lacking in this users mind.  Check out what this latest leak/rumor indicates and let us know if this is the kind if SE Android device you would use.

Xperia X10 Blog says:

Our tipster has come back to us with some more details surrounding Sony Ericsson’s next Android flagship, codenamed ‘ANZU’. The phone is an early prototype currently running Android 2.1, but will use Android Gingerbread on retail launch. Even in its current state the phone is said to be very fast (no idea of CPU or RAM for now) but it will record at 1080 resolution and come equipped with a front-facing camera and HDMI port.

As you can see from the pictures below, the handset is very slim (thinner than the Galaxy S) and feels “very solid” in the hand. The display was also given particular credit with “very crisp” and “vivid colours”. There’s no idea what kind of display it is using, but let’s at least hope SE has implemented multi-touch this time.

Interestingly, our tipster goes on to say that the phone may be branded as a BRAVIA phone instead of XPERIA, which would certainly be a departure. Current Xperia X10 owners will be glad to hear that the loudspeaker and in-ear performance of the ANZU is much clearer/ louder than the X10.




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