Sprint Opens Up 4G In NYC And 5 More Markets

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You Sprint folk out there will be glad to hear that their Wimax, 4G has been made official and the doors are open for business in the following markets:  New York City, NY – Hartford, CT – New Haven, CT – New Brunswick, NJ – Trenton, NJ – Tampa, FL.  Sprint began offering customers 4G service in 2008 and these 6 additional locations added now brings the grand total to 61 cities with 4G coverage.  Sprint plans to add several big cities to 4G by the end of the year to include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Washington DC.  So, if you’re in one of the 6 cities listed above, fire up that 4G and give us a shout in the comments to see if you’re seeing significant speed increases.

Today, Sprint announced that its WiMAX, 4G network is officially open for business in six additional locales: New York; New York, Hartford; CT, New Haven; CT, New Brunswick; NJ, Trenton; NJ, and Tampa; FL.

“Sprint has provided customers with 4G service since 2008 and we’re proud to extend our leadership to six more cities today, including New York City,” said Sprint’s president of 4G, Matt Carter. “Sprint is the first national wireless carrier to make 4G a reality for our customers and with the addition of these six new markets we are now in 61 cities, including Chicago, Baltimore and Houston, and are growing. By the end of the year Sprint 4G plans to light up several major new markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Washington DC to name a few.”

If you’re in the Big Apple, or any of the other aforementioned markets, fire up your 4G device(s) and let us know what kind of speeds you’re seeing.

Source:  BGR

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