Table Connect puts the iPhone on a Table

| November 3, 2010 | Reply

Do you like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod device? Do you like tables? Why wouldn’t you love them both?! Well now a new generation of technology is here to pave the way which cross breeds both of the things we like. We saw a preview of this early on via Engadget but we had to be skeptic on how responsive and how real it was. Now we have some video proof coming from somewhere that needs subtitles for the English language which our crack team of researchers believe it isn’t in the U.S. ( that was a joke :) )

I notice in the intro to the video it says the title logo of the Table Connect device along with an ending box showing that it was made for iPhone. This raises suspicion that they might port this to other devices and in turn do exactly what some other companies like QNX for BlackBerry are trying to do, which is bring a terminal view and operation to a touch screen device. Would this table just be a really cool Beer Pong table or something much more? Let is us know below after watching the brief video on it.

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