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One company couldn’t be quiet when holding back on their next tablet. LG recently gave the info that since they scrapped one tablet that had Froyo that there is a chance that Honeycomb OS from Android would be on the new iteration of the Optimus Pad. Not only will it have an operating system that isn’t even out yet it will Sport an Nvidia Tegra 2. (which we all been waiting for to come in all these newer tablets) They are really slimming down things and beefing up performance which will help be a direct boost to the top in performing tablet charts. Will this performance boosting pad beat the iPad in sales or just satisfy the niche power user crowd, let us know below by shooting a comment. Sourced story after the break…

Want some specificity about LG’s super-duper tablet roadmap? Last we heard from the Korean tech giant, it was canning plans for a Froyo slate and looking forward to a more suitable iteration of Android, which a senior official at the company has today clarified to mean Honeycomb, describing it as the “tablet PC-version” of the OS. He’s even gone beyond the call of PR duty in placing a release schedule for the 8.9-inch LG Pad in the first quarter of 2011, boasting that it’ll come with a dual-core Tegra 2 chip inside. That sounds terribly delicious to us, as does the note that LG has worked hard to accommodate the needs and wants of European and North American consumers — the release window is explicitly said to be for both domestic and overseas markets.

Update: We’ve just heard back from LG on the matter and the company says it has nothing official to tell us. It’d seem whoever the cited official in this piece is, he was dishing details that LG doesn’t want the world to know yet. LG’s PR team has also pulled a tweet about this story, ostensibly to cover its tracks.
Source: Engadget

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