TweetDark Version 1.0.2 Brings More Customization

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TweetDeck for Android was updated just a few short days ago to version 1.0.2 which added some fixes, along with adding Facebook Places and some other key features you can see below in the change-log.  Even more exciting for those of us using the app is that its custom modded version known as TweetDark by WJDDesigns has also now been updated to version 1.0.2 which brings along with it some new custom enhancements.  TweetDark users will see a new custom top and bottom graphic which gives the app a sleek, dark carbon fiber look to it.  Every column has been updated as you can see from the pics below which makes this my personal favorite Twitter client and one that I simply cannot stray away from.  TweetDark is a free mod, but I donated to the team to help them continue to update this for all of us and you should too.  Check out the pics below for a look at TweetDark, hit up the source links to grab it for your Android device, and be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts.  Are you one of the many people using TweetDark?

Just when I thought I was breathing some sweet no work air, here comes the team at Tweetdeck with a new update for their Android App. Sure I could ignore all of these but what is the fun of letting down our fans here at WJD Designs. We are glad to be giving you these awesome treats and we are always making sure to keep giving our friends over Gizmo Ninja to talk about. Let us know how we did on the updates below in the comment section so we can hear some feedback, we appreciate it!

WJD Designs Change Log:

  • Replaced bottom bar image with a carbon fiber style
  • Blacked out top areas in most screen to keep with the full black look
  • Alse added the carbon fiber look through the application

Official Tweetdeck Change Log:

  • Clicking on a failed update notification takes you back to compose so you can edit the text
  • Facebook Places now show up in stream and stay in app
  • Optimized data usage for Facebook calls in Home column
  • Don’t notify if you send a DM from another client
  • Reply all now correctly references the original tweet
  • Long press context menu for updates in timeline
  • Long list names no longer overlap user count
  • Comment button on Facebook updates now brings up keyboard
  • Facebook comments load faster
  • Better messaging on failed updates
  • Foursquare location list no longer turns black on scroll
  • preview support

As you know this is my only job – if you donate anything I would appreciate it (this helps buy more Mt Dew to keep me up on these projects :) )

TweetDark APK File 1.0.2 – TweetDark which is a modded TweetDeck with a new UI look that adds a sleek glossy black and carbon fiber feel all over. There is a lot going on here and a lot we modded out. I changed the Tweetdeck widgets to be all black and with a slight transparency and with blue notifications. I changed each identifier bar to let you know what social environment they are commenting with (instead of the full colored bar) you get a little line above so you still keep the darked out look. Several buttons have been changed along with the actual TweetDeck Icon which is a blacked out version of the original.Last Modified 2010-11-10

Source:  WJDDesigns

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