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During the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday Google CEO Eric Schmidt was briefly showing off Gingerbread on the Nexus S.  The Nexus S is still an unconfirmed device, but as more and more images and video come trickling we are all getting a better look into Gingerbread (Android 2.3).  We have previously only seen a few blurry pics, a couple of ads, and a quick video of the “power down” animation but the entire video from yesterdays summit is now available for everyone to stare at.  The phone isn’t exactly showcased in the video but we get just as excited seeing it anyway and it’s only a matter of “weeks” now before we should all be seeing Gingerbread start to become available.  Check out the video below and let us know what your early impressions are.

Yesterday during the Web 2.0 summit we got a brief look at Google CEO Eric Schmidt showing off Gingerbread — Android 2.3 as well as, the now infamous “unannounced” device also known as the Nexus S. While it’s time on stage was brief, it was more than enough to have us wanting to see more. A few goodies were noted after Eric stepped off stage as well. Remember that “blink off” video of the screen we previously saw powering down? It’s pretty awesome. What’s even more awesome is that it’s still included, as noted by the folks over at Engadget. Hit the break for the full embed of the video. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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