‘We Didn’t Forget About You, Windows!’ Says Acer With Tablet Announcement

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Rounding out the product announcements from Acer today is a Windows 7 based touch-screen tablet.

Like its Android brethren, the tablet is 10.1 inches in size and svelte 15mm thick.  The device weighs only 2.2lbs as well.  Not a whole of info was released about it, other than it will have an AMD processor, 1.3MP cameras on the front and back and will feature built-in 3G data connectivity.  Photos of the tablet show it off with some sort of docking accessory but it is unknown whether that will be released with the tablet or not.  Unfortunately we don’t have a name for the device nor was a cost announced but Acer is aiming for a February 2011 launch which would be before the Android tablets previously announced.

Think you are going to go the Windows route when you buy a tablet or are the other platforms just too enticing? Let us know what you think in the comments!

While Acer may have focused on Android for the majority of their announcement, not counting that dual-screen laptop, it looks like the company is also launching a Windows 7-based tablet into the market, beginning in early 2011. This tablet, which measures in at only 15mm thick and weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, is actually missing a lot of information, unfortunately. Including a name.

However, while we don’t know what kind of storage space we should expect from the upcoming tablet, let alone screen resolution, we do know that the device will feature AMD inside. Unless Acer is just teasing us in the images below, we know that a docking station will be an accessory made available for the Windows 7 tablet as well.

The tablet does feature built-in 3G connectivity, and there’s a 1.3MP camera not only one the back, but one on the front as well. We don’t know what the unnamed tablet will cost, but we do know that Acer is aiming for a February 2011 launch date. So, if you can hold out, and you’ve been waiting for a Windows-based tablet, this 10.1-inch model from Acer may be worth waiting for.

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