2010 : Technology belongs to the Birds

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This year ushered in a lot of new things in technology, some good and some we would like to forget we ever did an article on them. I sat down and did some thinking on what to me was the most effective word in technology. Was it gigabyte, or even the word hotspot? Nah, at least not for me. This year I would like to think 2010 was for the “birds”. What do I mean by this you ask? Well, I believe that two things got really huge and made sure 2010 was worth more than 2009. Sure you got those awesome iPads and cool electric cars but those didn’t really hit the scales in my head in comparison to the following birdy bad boys.

First off is the client that connects us day by day and in my opinion is blowing by another big social site called Facebook. The social thing I am talking about is obviously Twitter. Twitter in my honest opinion overtook 2010 in so many ways. Although it wasn’t made in 2010 it can be said that it probably was the most progressive during this year because of the news around us. We had the Wiki-Leaks scandal going on along with so many celebrities and their crazy tweets. I admit I really wasn’t to fond of Twitter and never had a client on my phone until someone talked me in to it. I started using it mainly for business promoting my sites but then things took a turn towards addiction. I picked up the application “TweetDeck” on my Android phone and computer and loved how fast and interactive it was. I then started customizing the look of it and made it to be what we all love to use as our alternative TweetDeck client “TweetDark.” I started getting in to Twitter so much I would be tweeting without knowing it and retweeting in my sleep. I went nuts when big names like Samsung Mobile and Moto Mobile started following me, heck even my local airport got in the following me frenzy. All that jive made me feel some what special. In a way I felt like I could talk to the president or CEO of a major business in a few minutes without any hassle, well actually that happened a couple of times which was crazy. I believe Twitter made things happen in 2010 and connected us in a way that no other social platform could begin to. It got you away from your mom and dad on Facebook while still keeping you connected to your virtual friends. Long story short on this one is that Twitter will keep progressing in the right direction because they have done it in the past. You can expect more places to tweet from and more ways to do it in 2011. What is something cool an exciting, if you can’t tweet about it? Don’t forget your pals over at GN! You can follow the GizmoNinja.com Staff by clicking on this red linky word right here.

Next up is a game that rules people’s lives day in and day out. I am sure it manages to ruin several relationships and keep you from important events. Just like Twitter you can use it from a lot of sources in a lot of locations. One thing Twitter can’t do is give you the awesome feeling of pulling a bird in a slingshot in to some barriers just to kill some pigs. The application I am talking about you all know and love called “Angry Birds.” Angry Birds is available for Android and Apple products along with the future bringing consoles in the mix. It really is a simple and fun game that you can get your aunt Edna to play in 30 seconds. All you have to do is literally pull back some Angry Birds in a slingshot and let them go “ploooey” in to walls that houses pigs. If you tear down these walls and hit the pigs with either the birds or the debris, you win. Simple and easy and oh so addicting. I love this game and grow to love the updates Rovio (the makers) send out when it’s around a holiday and give the consumers some goodies. They give you specially designed levels that are themed to that specific holiday. The makers and game are amazing and you know they will be flinging past 2010 and in to 2011. If you are reading this article and haven’t flung a bird for yourself (not the one you do to that one neighbor that owns that dog that takes a crap on your lawn. You know that one neighbor who thinks he’s gods gift because he owns a Hummer. He thinks he is all cool but he really isn’t because I heard he fixes ice machines in restaurants. Nothing wrong with that but come on how does he have…man I got off track my bad…) you should be hitting up your local market/app store and grabbing this freebie of a game and play it ASAP. Even one of my favorite internet shows got in this mix with their over view of the year of Angry Birds. Check out the video below from “Bleep Bloop” from Collegehumor.com below.

So there you have it, the year of birds. Sure these are just two things that steered the wheel of 2010 but, chances are if you used one you have used the other. They both can make your day good or bad and they both allow you to be the best nerd you can be and that is one thing that gets me through my day. I am sure a couple of people won’t agree with me at all, that is why we got a place called comments where you can tell me where to stick it. For all you Birdy fans out there, keep tweetin and slingin!

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