A Smaller Version of Swype?

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If you’re worried about the space that some applications take up on your phone, have no fear–a micro version of Swype is here! The application is about the same, just with fewer languages offered. The full version of Swype is 10MB, whereas the micro version is only 2.5MB. If you’d like to try the micro version, just open up the Swype installer and select to update. If you were running the Swype beta before, you may need to uninstall and reboot  your phone. Evo 4G users discovered this due to the 3.70.651.1 OS update that came with the Swype keyboard. If you update to this micro version, please let us know what you think in the comments!

We know how sensitive some of you are regarding app size. It’s OK. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you’re not alone. And the fine folks at Swype fully sympathize and are now offering a “micro” version of the Swype keyboard. It’s fully functional, just with fewer languages supported, so you get a 2.5MB install instead of a 10MB install. To get the micro version, just open the Swype Installer on your phone and accept the update.

Also, Swype has (finally) offered some help to you Evo 4G users who had problems this week. See, the 3.70.651.1 OS update that dropped this week included the Swype keyboard. So if you already were running the beta, things quickly stopped working. As many of you figured out, you need to uninstall the beta, then reboot, and all should be well. [Swype forms]

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