Android and Windows App Stores on the rise again!!

| December 28, 2010 | 2 Replies

WOW talk about apps, apps and more apps for Android and the Windows Marketplaces. Android it looks like has passed the 200,000 mark while Windows is still new has a nice 5,000 to call their own. According to AndroidLib’s latest data which has been a little off in the past but by not much can give us an idea of the growth of developers flocking over to Android! While Windows is just getting off the ground it looks like it wants their marketplace to be just as popular!

What do you guys think about all the apps available to you know in the market not just for Android but for Windows too? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Apps, apps, apps! Everywhere you look, more apps. Both Android and Windows Phone 7 have reportedly crossed a couple of round number milestones recently, giving us a decent idea of the maturity gapbetween the two. Microsoft’s brand new OS with an old OS’ name has rounded the 5,000 available apps corner — that’s according to two sources keeping track of what’s on offer in the Marketplace — while AndroLib’s latest data indicates Android’s crossed the 200,000 threshold when it comes to apps and games taken together. We’re cautious on taking either of these numbers as hard truth, particularly since AndroLib was reporting 100,000 Android apps when there were only 70,000 — but they do provide rough estimates as to where each platform is in terms of quantity, if not quality. Now, where do you think each will be this time in 2011?

Source: Engadget

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  • OnMy2ndGP says:

    I personally hope our Android market doesn’t get as large as iPhones market because most of there apps really suck. I’m just saying…

  • BloomWorlds says:

    200,000 Android apps…is this a good thing?

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