Android Dominates Blackberry sales at Verizon

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It looks like Android is taking a bite of another fruit, this time it’s Blackberry sales at the Big Red! According to these figures from All Things D when the Droid line on Verizon was launched back in October of 2009 RIM sales took a major hit, and that was with only 2 Android phones at launch! During the remainder of the year we have seen an additional 5 more Droid phones plus many other Android devices launch most with big ad campaigns behind them. With Motorola leading the push you can assume that in the next year Samsung, LG and HTC will also overtake RIM for sales numbers especially with LTE phones on the horizon. Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think RIM needs to do to pull them selves back to the top of the mobile world.

Whoa.  We knew that the Droid brand had swooped in to steal smartphone market share from just about everyone including RIM and their Blackberry line, but that chart above puts it on a whole other level.  With the introduction of the original Droid and the Eris in October of 2009 on Verizon, you can see when the beginning of the end got its jump start for RIM.  And throughout the rest of the year, we saw 5 more “DROID” phones plus a handful of other Android devices land on Big Red that all seem to be the choice for future smart phone goers.  While Motorola has already jumped well beyond everyone in terms of overall numbers, Samsung, LG, and HTC will surely overtake RIM as well once 4G LTE devices become available.

The rest of the numbers:

Via:  All Things D

Source: Droid Life

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