Android Gingerbread Keyboard for rooted Droid X & 2 users!

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I am sure we have all heard the Android 2.3 Gingerbread news today, and I am sure we are all waiting to get a little taste on our Android phones, well now Droid X and Droid 2 rooted users can!

There are some issues with the keyboard as of now, predictive text is not working, some keys are extremely tiny, and some are having other issues.  So please do a backup first! And as always we are not responsible for this breaking your phone!  But if we are all patient I know that great devs (WJD Himself included) are working on getting it working well and correctly.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download .zip file HERE
2. Place on root of SD Card and boot into Recovery.
3. Install .zip as you would themes etc.
4. Reboot and select “Android Keyboard” under Input Method and you are good to go.

*DX users* Mount system before installing!

If you forgot to make a backup and are using Droid X with Fission or rubiX ROMs, here is a stock keyboard to get you back, Download.

All credit and love to Peter…See his Twitter

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