App Creation for the Masses, Google App Inventor Now Open to All

| December 16, 2010 | Reply

Google’s super simple app creation tool called App Inventor, which has previously been on invite only access, is now open to anyone with a Google account so they can get their non-programming app creation on.  App Inventor, which is similar to the Palm Ares development environment for webOS, allows users to drag and drop elements in a GUI right in their browser to create their apps as opposed to directly writing lines of code.  While this doesn’t offer as many powerful options as coding yourself, and it may be considered that it could pigeon-hole creativity into a predefined corner, it does open up the ability to code apps to a vastly larger audience than before. Are you going to start writing the app of your dreams now that you don’t have to know any lines of code? Check out the video below of the workflow and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: App Inventor

Image Source: Engadget

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