Are HTC Consumers Ready for 60 Million Devices?

| December 10, 2010 | Reply

With the look of things HTC is looking to become the Giant in Smart phones.  Nearly tripling their orders from 2010.  Can any one say Incredible HD?  I am sure there are plenty of new devices that will be added to the already extensive assortment of devices.   I look forward to seeing which devices they will be rolling out this year.   What do you think?

HTC has reportedly informed its suppliers that it will eventually need parts and components for the production of up to 60 million handsets in 2011 compared to shipments of 20 million units projected for 2010, according to industry sources.

HTC executives revealed its roadmap for 2011 while the company was holding a summit with more than 200 executives from over 100 suppliers of handset parts and components recently in Taipei, the sources indicated.

HTC is pursuing higher growth for 2011 following the appointment of its new COO Matthew Costello and other top-tier executives, the sources commented.

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