AT&T users get bill to account option in Android Market, New categories for all!

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If you’re an AT&T customer with an Android phone then today is your lucky day! Google Announced today that Carrier billing is now available to AT&T customers running Android devices. T-Mobile customers have had this option for a while now while Sprint and Verizon have still not implemented such change. AT&T customers be on the look out for the new Market update and the Carrier billing option that is rolling out “soon”

Also in Market news a couple more categories have gone live include: Music and Video, Music and Audio, Business and Sports! Finding apps is becoming easier and easier thanks to all these new categories!

Any AT&T cutomers out there excited to be able to charge to your bill? Was there an app you have had your eye on but have not wanted to pay with a credit card or pay pal? Drop us a comment and let us know!

Google just announced that AT&T customers with Android phones can now charge apps to their AT&T bills. (That’s something T-Mobile customers have been able to do for a while now.) So if you have an Android smartphone on AT&T, you’ll soon have an updated Market app that lets you charge apps to your bill. Huzzah.

Also, Google mentions that new app categories are live, including “Music and Video,” “Music and Audio,” “Business” and “Sports,” among others. Look for the AT&T billing and new categories with your updated version of the Android Market app. [Google]

Source: Android Central

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