Best Buy’s “Free Phone Friday” is Back, but Better!

| December 3, 2010 | 1 Reply

Best Buy did so well with their “Free Phone Friday” promotion in October that they chose to extend it through the month of December. Throughout this month, Best Buy will offer a different set of free smartphones every day in lieu of only every Friday. The gist of the idea is to provide at minimum 4 different phones, 1 from each major carrier to include in their promotion. Check out the link below to get in on this offer before it’s gone. Let us know what you think!

Since the “Free Phone Friday” promotion through October was so damn successful, Best Buy has decided to bring it back, only by offering even more deals this time.  Throughout the month of December, they will offer a new set of “free” smartphones each day instead of just every Friday.  The plan is to offer at least 4 phones, 1 from each carrier, but as you’ll see from the “Buy” link down below, that there are a lot more than 4.  And who’s included in the first batch?  The Droid Incredible of course.

Source: Droid-Life

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    I don’t think they have some good smart phones