Can’t wait for Disney’s Tron movie? Then go sleep in a Tron themed Ice hotel.

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A couple of major Tron fan designers, Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas–Jones of Extreme Designs, have created and stayed in a Tron themed Ice hotel in Sweden for the past 13 days.  It took the designers 13 days in subzero temperature (-22c) to finish building it, but their beautiful “legacy of the river” room is finally done.  Pretty gorgeous right?

Extreme designs says:

Extreme design tracks two of Britains talented young designers on their journey to the arctic. This year they will create ‘Legacy of the River’ Ice Suite at Sweden’s world famous ICEHOTEL With conditions harsh -32degrees centigrade and 12 days to complete the ice suite. The suite is inspired by Disney’s forthcoming release of ‘Tron –the legacy’. The futuristic sets, intense scenes, and dramatic lighting all strike a chord with Ben & Ian’s design sensibilities.

Inspired by Disney’s release of Tron: Legacy Rousseau + I-N-D-J set out to capture the dynamism and essence of the movie at the world famous ICE HOTEL Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. 200km into the Arctic Circle Rousseau + I-N-D-J will create a futuristic ice suite. Using technology never before seen in the Hotels 20 year history THE LEGACY OF THE RIVER will be one of 19 unique ICE suites for the Hotels 20 year anniversary.



Go check out how they did it at Extreme Designs.

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