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Well, well, Well it looks like Koush, the master behind ClockworkMod recovery has finally gotten his hands on a Galaxy Tab and has ported ClockworkMod to it!! ClockworkMod is a custom recovery that gives users the ability to flash custom ROMs and make and restore backups. The process to actually get ClockworkMod on the device was the same as the other Galaxy S devices according to Koush. As of right now only the T-Mobile version is supported but Koush is expecting to get it on all versions of the Tab! Check out the video below of Clockwork in action.

Anyone out there own a Galaxy Tab and got it on theirs yet? Excited to see some custom ROMs for the Galaxy Tab? Drop us a comment below and  let us know.

Thanks to Koush, ClockworkMOD is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. With this custom recovery, users can successfully flash custom ROMs create and restore backups for the Galaxy S tablet.

As with most Galaxy S devices, the stock recovery is not truly replaced but rather loaded as an ‘’ at reboot. Here is how Koush explains process:

The recovery is packaged as an that you run from a modified STOCK recovery. The unpacks Clockwork Recovery onto the ramdisk and restarts recovery. When you reboot, it reverts back to the original stock recovery. So, you will need to keep the recovery on the root of your SD card as an, and apply the zip every time you want to start Clockwork. However, ROM Manager handles this all pretty seamlessly for you.

Only the T-Mobile kernel is currently available. If you would like to throw this custom recovery on your Galaxy Tab, then follow this XDA-Developers thread on how to get started by clicking HERE.

Source: XDA Developers@ClockworkMod

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