Daft Punk Edition Monster Headphones Bring You Closer To Tron

| December 8, 2010 | Reply

File this under extremely sexy, yet extremely niche.  It seems as though Disney and Monster are teaming up on releasing a special edition Daft Punk/Tron set of headphones to bring us all back to our youth.  These super sexy, bright white headphones will apparently set you back $350 if you must have them.  These headphones are said to have amazing noise canceling, a removable gaming mic and will illuminate with an LED Drive System clearly inspired by the Disney film.  I think I may know someone that may be in the market for these, but at $350 for a set of headphones I’m not quite sure.  Check out the pics below and let us know how many your going to pick up.

We can’t tell, is this (and by “this” we mean the entertainment machine that is Disney / Daft Punk / Tron / Jeff Bridges, melding with the monster that is Monster, and creating a pair of $350 ultra-glossy headphones) the ultimate payoff of our childhood hopes and dreams, or their ultimate ruination and desecration? Both?

Source:  Engadget

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