Does Sprint Have What it Takes to Enter the Tablet World

| December 9, 2010 | 1 Reply

In the ever-expanding world of Tablet’s Sprint is trying to put their name on the market.  The Samsung Galaxy Tablet may be new to Sprint but has been with Verizon for month’s.  The interesting thing is the Tablet will be running on 3G.  With the airwaves turning to 4G, why would Sprint propose an out dated Tablet?    After Sprint has been lagging in the phone department, they have decided to enter the Tablet world with a Tablet that will soon become extinct with the excitement of 4G hitting the Nation.  Leave us a Comment and let us now how you feel.

We can’t begin explain our exasperation at running a Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint’s 3G, knowing full well the WiMAX airwaves floating just overhead could make our experience speedy. Thankfully, we won’t have to dwell on our frustration for long, because a Sprint executive told Forbes that a 4G tablet will arrive in 2011. Sprint’s Paget Alves, president of business markets, wouldn’t say where it would be made, but hinted that the company intends to sell tablets running different operating systems — so it’s probably not another Android device. What could it be, then? We can’t say, but paired with the knowledge that Verizon also plans to debut LTE tablets in 2011 — possibly including one Motorola Stingray –it seems like 2011 will be a fine year for goodies on CDMA.

Source – Engadget

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