Droid X gets new Full SBF for leak 2.3.320! Phones are saved from certain brick.

| December 3, 2010 | 1 Reply


If you are anything like us here at GizmoNinja, you are always flashing your Droid X with the newest leaks and ROM’s.  But recently with the leaked build for the Droid X 2.3.320, there has only been a system SBF and it has cause many to shy away from flashing the new leak. 

Cue Team Black Hat, they are at it again and have leaked a brand new and full SBF for the newest leaked build!

So get to downloading it ASAP because it wont be up for long before Motorola slams the C&D hammer.

Grab It Here

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  • Aut0 says:

    When are people going to realize, if you don’t use TeamMoneyHat’s hunks of crap to begin with, you won’t ever have to wait for them to release a “full SBF” which is actually not from Motorola or Verizon at all. P3Droid’s crap has become an epidemic. I’m tired of preaching to people not to use it, but hey, it’s a higher version number, so the fanbois go crazy over it. Have fun waiting for the next TeamMoneyHat release when this one breaks your phone eventually too. *sigh* It adds no functionality anyways, but again, that version number is apparently REALLY COOL TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS.