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Wanting some of that Gingerbread goodness on your Droid X? This might be your best bet and is available to anyone right now without the wait since we have a long time to wait since Motorola will want to blur it up. The Rom is called APEX 1.3.0 by Fabulous and is an update to his previous Apex builds. Fabulous is a name that seems to flow through the forums and shows up in threads with some exclusive stuff. I do not know him personally and I have not talked to the guy but I can admire and respect his hard work in the community. He has written special scripts to have the GBread keyboard working on the X and other options that are available to the user to customize to their liking. This is the only rom so far I have seen that has the blacked out menu. You can call this a rom a knockoff all you want, or just a theme over the top of his rom but one thing is for sure it has the looks and smell of Gingerbread, it will be up to you to taste it. More below on this Rom/Theme combo and how to add/remove add-ons and how you can donate to the man behind the project. Thanks FAB for all your work, let me know if you ever need some help ;)

ApeX V1.3.0 for Droid X – 2 parts AOSP, 1 part Blur, all ApeX (now with a hint of Gingerbread!)

This ROM is only for Droid X users who have done the .320 leak or have gotten to .340 via OTA update or SBF. This is not compatible with 2.3.15

Changes in V1.3.0

-Based on the 2.3.340 OTA, deodexed, optipng’d, zipaligned
-Android 2.3 theme throughout entire system (w/ black menus)
-Hopefully fixed bug with dialer going silent every once in a while
-Added Gingerbread (2.3) multitouch keyboard by default
-Keyboard script to switch keyboards (white and black Moto MT, GB KB)
-Beautiful, customizable Neural Network LWP (credits to CyanogenMod)
-3D Gallery by default (use gallery -mot if you need HDMI)
-Latest Gapps (Gmail, Voice Search, Search Bar, Market)
-Madden Demo (removable with uninstall script)
-QuickOffice fixed and Reboot in shutdown option (from hotfix)
-Lockscreen sliders are lower on screen (this is Motorola’s doing)
-Script to auto apply my ADW settings
-Fixed some cosmetic typos in various scripts

Credits to P3Droid, TBH, Team DeFuse, Xeudoxus, Beesley, Cyanogen, Pete, and many more. Without all the contributions of the devs to the Android community, this would not be possible. Thanks!


-Optimized & Zipaligned framework and applications
-Combination of AOSP and Blur apps (customize with scripts!)
-Build.prop and sysctl.conf mods (ty Beesley, nenolod, drod!)
-Gingerbread Android 2.3 Theme from SDK image
-Transparent Notification Shade
-ADW.Launcher with up to 7 homescreens (5 by default)
-Customizable Neural Network Live Wallpaper
-Built-in ad blocking (toggle with script)
-MMS app w/ black background (switchable to Blur via script!)
-Yahoo! email and corporate sync working
-Custom window animations and transitions
-Spare Parts, Terminal Emulator, Wireless Tether preinstalled
-Many scripts to customize and make this ROM yours!


Scripts: Use in terminal emulator or through adb. For installation, removal, and switching of apps. To get a detailed description of what each script does, just type the script without any modifiers into terminal emulator. The dashes are to be ignored (they are pseudo bullet points).

Remove/Restore Scripts:

Switch Apps:

Install/Remove system apps: (warning, these are very powerful! Use with caution)
*Place desired file on /sdcard


Installation Instructions: Please have a nandroid of your current setup in case this is not for you

Users coming from 1.2.1 may be safe to keep data and cache. If there are problems, then factory reset. – Uninstall updates to Market, Google Voice Search, Google Search Bar, and Gmail if they’re there under Settings->Applications->Manage Applications first (1.2.1 upgraders only)

-Place file on your sdcard. Bootstrap recovery and reboot recovery
-Navigate to mounts and storage. FORMAT data, and cache
-Return to previous menu and install .zip from sd card
-Choose ApeX and install!


-Place file on sdcard. Install ROM from sdcard in ROM manager. Wipe data and cache.

Download Link:



-The Blur Email app (default email app) will FC if you do not have an account added through My Accounts. Just add an account first.
-If you’re using another launcher besides ADW, do not use the ‘Search’ widget. That’s for ADW only. It’ll get stuck at the top of your screen if you use it on LauncherPro. Use the ‘Google Search’ widget instead.


Themes from 1.2.1 should be compatible. Get them here:

Themes For ApeX (12/8/10) – Droid Forum – Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum


Apps removed from 2.3.320
-You can reinstall Blur apps from this archive by placing the desired .apk files on your sd card and then using the install script!


If you enjoy my work, consider buying me a beer

Beer Fund | FabDroid

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