Galaxy Tab has locked bootloader?!

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unfortunately this seems to be the norm these days. Today it seems it has come out that the Samsung Galaxy tab has a locked bootloader similar to the one on the Motorola Droid X which makes getting those custom ROMs we all love on the device just that much harder to get! While we all know this is not the end of the Galaxy Tab development as we know the Motorola Droid with a locked Bootloader now has multiple custom ROMs for it.

Also with the development taking off thanks again to Koush’s Bootstrapper for Galaxy tab devices more and more developers are starting to dig as deep as possible to open up the device for all the end users out there. Make sure you read the warnings contained in the source story to make sure loading a ROM on your Galaxy Tab right now is for you!

Anyone get a Galaxy Tab for Christmas? Excited to see more developers getting to work on the Galaxy Tab? How are your feelings towards the locked Bootloader? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Well this is not something we like to see, but it seems the latest leaked ROMs point to Samsung as the next culprits to “let’s not let people hack what they buy” syndrome. These Firmware updates were leaked by Xda member Chainfire, who points out that the software come with a locked down bootloader, which prevents people from loading their Tab up with cooked ROMs.

Here is what Chainfire has to say about this:

This really applies to other ROMs as well, but the “new” JM6/A/C/D ROMs specifically.

Some of these ROMs include new bootloaders. These bootloaders check checksums/signatures in various parts of the firmwares. The “normal” Samsung ROMs, nor custom ROMs and kernels, have these checksums.

The result is that once flashed, you cannot revert to older/official/custom Samsung ROMs, and you are pretty much stuck using one of these four ROMs, as they are the only ones containing the right checksums.

At least TRIPLE CHECK if you want to flash one of these ROMs, that what you are flashing DOES NOT include the new bootloaders ( boot.bin and sbl.bin ). I know from the CF-Root thread that a fair number of you are already too late, but I thought to warn new users anyways. Some modders (like rotohammer) already usually remove these parts, but still triple check everything to make sure.

There is no known fix. I know, I’ve tried all of them some people suggested in other threads. None of them really works. Sure, with some effort, you can get a different firmware to somewhat run, but you’ll still be using the “checksum” bootloaders and the kernel will not be modified. You will still be running the kernel from the “checksum” firmware you loaded earlier. You will not be able to do full flashes, nor will KIES updates work.

Hopefully somebody will find a real solution for this issue for those already affected. If so, please post it in this thread.

How does this make you feel? Is it fair for companies to do this?

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Xda thread: (WARNING! Do not flash jm6/A/C/D/E… Before reading this ! – xda-developers)


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