Get In On the SPB Mobile Shell Beta for Android While You Can!

| December 21, 2010 | Reply

SPB is now accepting applications for beta testers of their Mobile Shell 5.0 UI interface for Android devices.  Mobile Shell was THE application that made my old faithful Windows Mobile phone pretty and useable and its been a long time coming for it to be ported over to Android.  It certainly gives a different look and feel to the system and from the looks of the demo videos, its mighty fast.  I can’t say it will be a daily driver for me if I get to test it but I am sure am anxious to put it through its paces.  Unfortunately it’s not an open beta yet so you have to request an invite at their site but I would assume the sooner you do, the better! Check out the video below showing off the UI and then hit the link to get your application in. Excited to try this out or is it just another UI for Android that we really don’t need? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: SPB Beta, Android Central

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