Get Your Swype Beta Invite Yet?

| December 8, 2010 | 1 Reply

Rumor has it that although the Swype Beta site indicates their beta is closed, they are sending out invites. 2 readers from Droid-Life have confirmed receiving emails. So, if you have already signed up for the beta, keep checking your inbox. You might just get it a surprise! And if you haven’t signed up for the beta, now would be the time to do so. Please keep in mind that this is Swype Beta. This is not an update for devices that come with Swype pre-installed, such as the Droid X. Let us know if you get the invites, and if you like the new beta, in the comments!

We’re pretty sure that Swype has secretly opened up their beta program again which means that if you signed up back in the day, there is a chance you could get an invite any minute now.  Two of our readers have already confirmed receiving an invitation.  On their site it still says “closed”, but we have someone close to the battle that gave us a “maybe” when asked about it.  And if you didn’t sign up in the past, flood their site now and register!

Source: Droid-Life


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  • GlitchZero says:

    Confirmed by one of our own now as well, got invites to both of my submitted-6-months-ago accounts about 15-20 minutes ago.