Google Opens New Site to Help Teach your Parents and Grandparents how to do everything tech!

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Just when I thought Google had done everything, with it recently writing a book, they out do themselves yet again.  They have opened a new website, and it is loaded with instructional video that you can send or use to help the not so up to date friend or family member in your life.

Google Says:

Every December, millions of tech-savvy young people descend on their homes only to arrive to a long list of tech support issues that their parents need help with. A few of us at Google thought there had to be a better way that would save us all a few hours each December… The result of our brainstorm was, a site that allows you to select any number of simple tech support videos to send to mom, dad or uncle Vinnie. The site is not perfect and hardly covers all the tech support questions you may be asked, but hopefully it’s a start!

Google shows us:

Go Check it out HERE.

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