How to: Easy and Simple way to Remove Bloatware or Unwanted Apps on your Android Phone.

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Now I know that most of my readers are pretty advanced as far as Android goes, you have to learn pretty quick when flashing a new leak or ROM has the possibility of turnings your phone into an expensive paperweight!  But Android is growing everyday, and with that is a whole set of brand new people who need to know the basics, and hopefully we at GizmoNinja can help a bit.

One of the first reasons a user decides to Root their phone, is to remove all that horrible bloatware, bad apps that their carrier has stuck them with on their phone.  Whether you are an HTC Incredible user trying to get rid of Amazon app, or one of the many Android Devices stuck with Bing Search, it is easy to get rid of all the Apps and bloatware you don’t want!

The best and easiest option for a newly rooted Android user to easily remove their bloatware from their phone, is the free and amazing Titanium Backup App   Once you have downloaded the app, follow these simple instructions.

1. Open Titanium Backup App.
2. Allow Titanium Backup App Superuser Permissions.
3.Select Backup/Restore in top middle.


4.Let it load a second, then it will show all Applications on your phone.  Scroll down to the Application you want to remove and press it.


5. A menu will popular with options, choose Uninstall.


6. Viola! You have successfuly beat the system and removed an Application from your phone!

Now I know there are hundreds of more complicated “Android How To” that you probably would like to see, so please leave me a comment or hit me up and let me know what you want to see!

Find Titanium Backup by a search in Android Market or Visit Developer HERE.

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