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Looking forward to being one of the lucky 60,000 Google sends its Chrome OS Notebooks to? Well thanks to they have put together a list of the top 10 cities by number to have people receiving them! San Francisco tops the list that includes cities such as: New York, Mountain View, Chicago, LA, and Brooklyn. Sign ups are still available and not even half of the netbooks have been shipped out yet!! Looks like us on the West Coast are having the best luck in receiving one but the East Coast is not left out!

Anyone receive one of these cool netbooks from Google? Excited to see your city on the list? Drop us a comment below and let us know!


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We told you that Google was giving away 60,000 Chrome OS Notebooks and they are still sending them out. If you haven’t signed up, I would suggest doing so. You can find out a bit more about signing up here. We also told you about how to see if your city has received one of the notebooks… just to satisfy your curiosity of who might be getting one near you even if you don’t get one. Now thanks to the author of CR-48 shipment calculator we bring you…. the top 10 cities you should be jealous of. The top 10 list shows the cities who’ve received the most Google CR-48 shipments. So who are they? Well, here’s the top 10 list!

  1. San Francisco, CA – 556
  2. Mountain View, CA – 482
  3. New York, NY – 271
  4. San Jose, CA – 233
  5. Seattle, WA – 206
  6. Sunnyvale, CA – 158
  7. Chicago, IL – 150
  8. Los Angeles, CA – 138
  9. Austin, TX – 136
  10. Brooklyn, NY – 131

Glad to see my hometown of Austin, TX up there on the list but it’s heavily dominated by California for sure. Here’s to hoping that you still receive yours before the new year!


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