Motorola Planning LTE Device Headed to Verizon Soon?

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Move over VeVo, well, not really but competition and choice are always nice when talking about new devices entering the smartphone market.  It seems as though Verizon Chief Operating Officer John Stratton has said earlier today that ” LTE smartphones are on the horizon” after already seeing their 4G network launched earlier this month.  He did however mention that Motorola is seemingly working on an LTE device to enter the LTE arena although no specifics on price, or specs were given.  He continued to say he would not be surprised if the device turned out looking all too familiar to the Motorola “Olympus” which we have already heard of running a Tegra-2 chip, although that device has been rumored to land on AT&T.  With all the rumors flying around it is certainly hard to keep focus on what we will and won;t see in the near future, but it is clear to us that Verizon needs these future devices to come out strong in order to keep their momentum in the market.  Let us know what you think in the comments.  VeVo, or MoVo, take your pick.

Verizon’s chief operating officer John Stratton mentioned today that “LTE smartphones are on the horizon,” a sentiment the carrier has been echoing since it launched its 4G network earlier this month. That alone isn’t new, but what is new is the mention of Moto in the same breath: “Motorola will be right there.” He wouldn’t go into specifics about models, specs, release dates, or prices, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the offering looked a little like the Tegra 2-powered device codenamed Olympus (pictured) — allegedly for AT&T — that we’ve seen floating around recently. For what it’s worth, we’re also aware of models from HTC and LG in the pipe, so by all accounts, Big Red is planning on coming out with guns blazing when it rolls out 4G handsets next year

Source:  Engadget

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