New Toshiba Factory Means New iPhone Displays?

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The Nikkei Business Daily has reported that there will be a new factory built in the early part of 2011 in the Ishikawa prefecture, Japan in which Toshiba is paying about $1.2 Billion US Dollars.  The factory is responsible for creating the LCD panels that are primarily used by the iPhone.  The report suggests that Apple will be investing in a portion of the factory but no word on specifically which iPhone model or any other pertinent information.  If the Factory goes up in the first half of 2011 and production is supposed to start in the second half it seems more than obvious that this will be for the upcoming models but we are used to seeing new iPhones announced by then.  Check back for updates as this story continues and drop us a comment with your speculation.  Clearly all of the LCD displays for the Verizon version must already be made and ready to go right?

Word on the street — and by that we mean a Nikkei Business Daily report — is that Toshiba’s dropping a cool 100 billion yen (around $1.2 billion in US currencies) for a new factory in the Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. Its raison d’être? Low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels, primarily for the iPhone (no indication on which version; Apple is said to be investing in a portion of the factory, as well). Construction begins early next year and production is apparently slated to commence in the second half. More than enough time to stockpile unicorn tears for the assembly line.

Source:  Engadget

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