Nook Color Now Has Full Android Market Access?

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Since the Nook Color has been made available it has already been rooted, caught running Froyo and made use of some 45+ different applications including my personal favorite, Angry Birds.  Now it seems as though the Android Market is now available and working fully with your device if you are willing to take the steps necessary for rooting.  Check out the links below if you want the step by step on rooting and using the Android Market  and other apps with your Nook Color and let us know in the comments how you’re doing.  Please remember to always use caution if you choose to tinker with rooting your device.

Those of you who have been disappointed by the “tablet” part of the NOOKcolor and are willing to root your devices will be happy to know that full Android market access has now been achieved. It’s not unlike what Archos users have to do with their devices as it, too, doesn’t come with the Android market. The procedure is risky and you’ll need to know your way around the command line at a beginner’s level, but you should have no problems if you follow the instructions exactly. Just remember that anything that happens to your NOOKcolor as a result of this hack is no one’s responsibility but your own. With that said, take a look at what you’ll need to do over at NookDevs. [via Droid Gamers]

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