Now More Than 45 Apps You Can Run On Your Rooted Nook Color

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It seemed like it was just yesterday we saw the Nook Color get rooted and run Android software.  Actually it was a little over a week ago, but I have since been a huge supporter of the Nook Color and will currently be a proud owner.  We first saw Angry Birds running on the Nook Color, but since then there have been a slew of apps that are now running on the device well.  Take a look at this list below put together by XDA & DroidLife and be sure to let us know how you Nook Color owners are doing with these apps.  Be sure to check back as the list will only continue to grow.

Well we already know that Angry Birds not only runs on the NOOKcolor, but in fact runs very well. So what other apps will run on a rooted NOOKcolor? If you’ve got a NOOKcolor and Angry Birds just wasn’t enough motivation to root it, then you’ll want to check out the ever-growing list of apps that can be run. Check out the list after the break.

  • trillian
  • angry birds
  • Dolphin HD
  • FarmFrenzy
  • PSXDroid
  • SuperUser
  • Root Explorer
  • ADW
  • HomeSwitcher
  • BatSttatt
  • Google Maps
  • Gallery (requires SD card)
  • ACV
  • Google Voice (possible freeze after voicemail set-up skip) ** please advise ***update, allegedly, after restart, GV syncs, but won’t play voicemails.
  • Miren Browser
  • Launcher Pro
  • Beautiful Widgets
  • Drop Box
  • Rock Player – Works, but is buggy
  • PowerAMP – Works somewhat, crashes on audio playing
  • FeedR – rss reader
  • advanced task killer
  • Google earth (requires sd card, works great)
  • Google maps
  • Google news/weather
  • Doodle jump
  • Kindle (ha)
  • physics playground
  • setcpu (but can’t get root access, so currently it’s view only I think)
  • vegas pool sharks (runs but choppy. Never tried it before, so that might just be the app itself)
  • vlc remote (starts at least, haven’t tried to actually use it)
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • K9 Mail
  • LastPass (password management)
  • VLC Stream and Convert
  • AndroMote
  • Transdroid
  • XBMC Remote
  • SliceIt
  • Comic Reader Mob
  • Tune-in
  • Coloroid
  • Evernote
  • DiskUsage
  • Google Sky Map
  • Better Terminal Editor

Not a bad list eh? With a list this expansive, grabbing one of these devices and messing around with it is starting to look like a great alternative to dishing out the $500+ needed for a Galaxy Tab.

As always, hit up the XDA thread for the newest version of the list above.

Source:  DroidLife

Via: xda

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