Obsidian Droid X ROM Beta finally makes an appearance and we explain why it is so special.

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Well all you Droid X ROM purest, the long awaited Obsidian ROM from Crystal Clear Roms team is finally here!  Now before you get to excited know that there are some pretty glaring bugs still present in the build.

1. Camera/Camcorder do not work.
2. Huge Battery drain.
3. Video playback is broken.
4. Pin-Point GPS is broken.

Now I have seen a lot of people asking, “Why is this ROM so buggy?”, “What is so special about it?”.  This is easily answered.  The reason it is so buggy is because they are building the ROM from scratch, this is not based on a Motorola Droid X release, they are literally building it with nothing but source code from Android’s AOSP. 

To explain it with an analogy, it is like making a cake from scratch with nothing but the base ingredients, whereas all the other ROMs are store bought/pre-made with added decorations.  And as we all know, Grandma’s cake made from scratch always tasted better than the one at the supermarket that costs $8.99.  But in that same token, it is very very hard to make, seriously, go and try and make a family recipe from scratch, it is hard and rarely comes out well the first few times.

So give it time folks, something brilliant minds are working on it, and before you know it, we can all sit around and enjoy a piece together.

Crystal Clear Roms says:

What a crazy 3 months it has been, with life in general getting in the way of development, but it’s over and here is a release for everyone!…..

Obsidian for the Droid X is now a fully stable build, some minor bugs might still exist, but otherwise it is rock solid….

Grab it and read HERE.

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