Official Android Market coming to Nook color!

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Earlier this week we brought you the news that you could get the Android Market on your Nook color with a little hacking. Now it looks like Barnes and Noble will be bringing Android 2.2 and the official Android Market to the tablet in January! A source at SmartPhoneMag has spoken with a representative from B&N and was given some very juicy information on the upcoming 2.2 update for the Nook Color. Big additions will include: a “retooled” Android Market, Typical Android home screen and even pinch to zoom in the browser! According to the source the market is still in the works but it may not be the full Android market as we know it today. No further information was given by not having the “full” market since the device that was shown to the insider did not have the market yet on it. Also bugs will be taken care of in the 2.2 update as well as battery life, and basic performance. January is shaping up to be a great month for Nook Color owners if they stay on target! All you Nook Color owners excited for 2011 yet? Drop us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Barnes & Noble has committed to bringing Android 2.2 officially to the Nook Color! Yes folks, you heard that right. A source over at SmartPhoneMag stated he has spoken with a Barnes & Noble representivite that has shown him the upcoming update to the Nook Color.

At this time we are being told that it should hit in January, and this should turn the Nook Color into a full blown Android tablet. Check below to see a statement from his post:

The 2.2 update, or overhaul if you prefer, will give you access to a retooled Android Market, the typical Android home screen and even has pinch zooming with the browser. The Android Market app was still under development and was not on the device to see. I was told that Nook users may not have access to the full market. The Nook I looked at had apps loaded via the SD card slot and seemed to run fine. The device will still give you access to all of your Nook material via the currentinterface that will be swicthable for the user.

The update addresses performance and battery life concerns according to the rep I spoke to. The update on his Nook was still in beta so it lacked some polish but seemed to work smoother than the stock device. The graphics performance still seemed sluggish even with 2.2 when scrolling through magazines and web pages.

This is great news for all you Nook Color owner’s out there. How many other people plan on picking up one of these? Let us know in the comment’s below.

Source: SmartPhoneMag

Source: AndroidSPIN

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