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When the Iphone 4 was released there had been a lot of complaints about service issues and dropped calls.  There have even been articles which have discussed on the proper way to hold the phone.  What does apple need?  Applications! Applications are what have made apple user stay loyal through the years.  The app developer Occipital is bringing panoramic photography into the ‘picture’, which will keep you Iphone users coming back for more.  What do you think of this awesome application?

App maker Occipital has provided a working demo of Apple’s newly integrated gyroscope support in Mobile Safari using images created by 360 Panorama, Occipital’s great panoramic photography App for iOS 4.2.

The site, when visited by an iOS device with a gyroscope and running iOS 4.2.1, allows users to view photographs taken with the 360 Panorama App by simply moving their device. Based on your iPhone’s orientation the photograph will follow. I had to keep my iPhone fairly vertical in order for the gyroscope to read properly, but the experience was pretty fun considering I had to spin around in my chair to see the entire photograph.

With Occipital’s software, users can create an entire 360-degree image and share it with friends via Twitter, email, or to their Camera Roll for viewing later.

According TNW Apps interviewing Occipital co-founder Vikas Reddy, 360 Panorama has been the number one photography App in Apple’s App Store in the U.S. and 20 other countries, has had over 20,000 panoramas uploaded to Twitter, and is expected to reach over 800,000 panorama views by the end of December.

This video shows off 360 Panorama’s amazing effect:


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