Plantronics Voyager Pro UC the next generation of Bluetooth headsets

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Tired of searching around looking for your Bluetooth headset when you have an important call coming in? Well it looks like Plantronics is about to help you out a little! Plantronics is planning to announce at CES in January its new Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth headset. What makes this new “smart” Bluetooth headset special is that it has built-in capacitive sensors so it can tell when you are actually wearing it and when it’s not on the bottom of your bag! If the headset can tell you do not have it on then it re routs calls to the handset! When you find it and put it on the call will then be re routed to the headset even during the middle of a call! Also included in the package is a USB dongle that will allow you to use on your PC! No pricing or availability information as of yet but I know I will be looking forward to picking one of these up! Let us know if you like the idea of the new Voyager Pro UC and drop us a comment below!

If you’re a headset devotee, you’ll know that they don’t always stay put on your ear. The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC packs capacitive sensors so it knows when you’re wearing it—and when to direct calls to itself.

Think of the Voyager Pro UC, which will get its full announcement at CES in January, as a smart Bluetooth headset. Thanks to capacitive sensors, it knows when you’re wearing it—if it happens to be buried in your bag across the room, calls will just go to your handset as usual. If you pop it on your ear mid-call, it’ll reroute the audio there immediately. An included USB dongle lets you use it with a PC, and the sensors will automatically switch, say, your Skype status to “In a Call” when you’re actually in a call.

And for those looking to get even more intimate with their earpiece, the Voyager Pro’s “Whisper Alerts” will quietly intone the subject lines of emails from a set group of Outlook VIPs in your ear without anyone being the wiser. Clever! Pricing and availability will be announced early next year. [Plantronics]

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