PlayStation Phone Is Really The Xperia Play?

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Ever since the first time we saw leaked shots of what might be a Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone there has been some doubt of its existence, as well as its validity in the emerging smartphone market today.  Since then we have seen more shots of the device as well as rumored specs and even a clear cut video.  Well now just a couple weeks later we are hearing rumors that the PlayStation phone will indeed be called the “Xperia Play”.  Thanks to some digging around and finding out that Sony Ericsson EU filed a trademark registration for “Xperia Play” and their PR firm Jung Relations registered a bunch of different Xperia domain names including, net and org as well.  Thanks to an update from our friends over at Engadget we found out that Sony Ericsson also registered Xperia Arc, Xperia Duo, and Xperia Neo as well so it definitely seems as though it’s more likely that this name change is going to happen, now we just need to get our hands on it!  Check out the Trademark information below and be sure to drop us a comment with your take on this.

We’ve been hoodwinked by trademark filing and domain registrations before (cough, BlackPad and SurfBook) so we wouldn’t say this is anywhere near definite, but we just caught wind of a Sony Ericsson EU trademark registration for “Xperia Play,” and SE PR firm Jung Relations has registered a variety of Xperia Play domain names, including, .net, and .org. Yes, that certainly sounds like a promising name for the PlayStation Phone (although not quite as promising as, you know, “PlayStation Phone,”) but honestly we wouldn’t bet on anything at this point. We’ve got a feeling we’ll either find out either at CES or at MWC in February — hold on tight.

Update: Turns out SE also registered Xperia Arc, Xperia Duo, and Xperia Neo, so now our interest is definitely piqued. And our hopes are totally shatter-able.

Source:  Engadget

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