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So I see your YouTube videos are going a little slow, do you want me to help you speed things up? A company named Hawking would love to help you out with everything and make sure your p2p, multiplayer online gaming, Skype calls and YouTube videos stream lag free. I was a skeptic until my father introduced the device to me. He uses a slower DSL connection which is quick enough to tote him around megabytes of info but when YouTube comes on during a time where Mom is playing her “Farmville”, good luck streaming. He bought the Hawking which he heard about on a forum board for the product “Ooma” which uses VoIP and pull from the network due to high fidelity digital voice. Everyone on the board praised the HAwking HBB1 except one guy who later found out that the technology is built-in to his current high dollar router and he was basically cancelling the devices out. This high dollar router  that the guy was having problems with uses a technology called “stream engine” that is found in the Hawking Hbb1 and is the heart that powers the magic.

I took a drive to go see the parents as my father popped open a browser windows and navigated to a 1080p video via YouTube and within a second the video pushed off as if he has a fiber connection. I was a skeptic turned a believe really quick since the proof was staring at me. I then made sure to order this from Amazon ASAP like he did but was turned down but not finding one being sold. I waited a couple of days and sure enough Amazon got a couple more shipped in. I hurried up and paid around 30$ all together shipped and set off to wait for this magical booster.

A couple of days passed as I poked my head out of the door to see a couple of packages I have been waiting for along with my new Hawking. I opened the box and noticed it was housed very nicely and not one bit shy of professional wrapping. It felt like the newer smart phone type cases with a fold out book style opening and the well put together internals to keep the device from breaking in shipment. I read the instructions which aren’t really needed since it is basically plug and play and I am a man, but there is a place in there you need to look at about updating firmware which was the first thing I did. When you first plug it in the device checks your connection out and auto configures to best help your situation. When the blue light turns on and stays solid that means that the HBB1 is doing its job during some heavy packet load.

The way the Hawking device works is very simple and overlooked at most times. When you send and receive data you are transferring packets out and in. Even with the quickest internet plan you still will lose packets during transmission. This packet loss can go hand to hand with lag and latency. The HBB1 makes sure to keep these packets from being lost in the transmission which helps you gain back some performance. Imagine pouring liquid really quick in to a funnel as it splashes outside due to the aggressive force of the water. Now imagine you poring it slower making sure all that “data” is getting in to that funnel in the end.

After working with the HBB1 for a while and surfing I can see a huge and magic-like difference on the internet. I can watch 1080p videos while sharing my screen on Skype which was unheard of before. I can run Skype and do some heavy-duty internet work while everyone on the network wired or not has no issues since it organizes the data and prioritizes it so everyone has an equal amount of performance. This product has seem to slip under the cracks of the “must get tech” articles around the net which is a shame since this device does what it has to do and makes sure I am impressed every minute.

All in all I would highly recommend such a product to anyone who need that extra “umph” while downloading music, fragging the multi-player competition, or just want to watch a HD video from you tube while doing other things. I am sure this might be different for all sorts of applications, and I understand it may not work 100% for you BUT, I only paid 30 dollars for this on Amazon (rumour has it that it is almost 200$ retail). I hope you guys take my word for it and try it out, this device deserves to be used by everyone. Check out the unboxing images below or catch the quoted text straight from Hawking’s site.

The average home or work network has two or more computers accessing the internet simultaneously. Whether they are sending e-mail attachments, making internet VoIP phone calls or playing games online, their applications will have an effect on one another as each application fights for bandwidth in a specific network. The result is a slowdown in ALL applications called “internet lag.”

The Broadband Booster is a plug and play device that is placed between your internet modem and router that eliminates “internet lag” in your network. It manages and “boosts” your internet applications as they exit your network onto the internet for a more efficient usage of your network’s bandwidth. The result is a “lag-free” experience from all internet applications!

The Broadband Booster streamlines and manages data traffic for these applications for an overall better experience for all users:

-VoIP Inernet Phone Calls
-Web Cam Streaming Video
-Internet Cameras
-Online Console Gaming (Xbox Live, PS2 etc…)
-Online PC Gaming
-P2P File Sharing Programs (BitTorrent, Kazaa etc…)
-Web Servers, Web-Hosting
-Video Conferencing via the Internet
-Instant Messaging (MSN, AIM etc…)
-E-Mailing with Attachments


-Boost the Speed of your Internet Applications by up to 400%
-Compatible with all Home or Work Broadband Networks
-Improves Email, VOIP, Web Cam, Online Gaming, Instant Messaging, and overall network performance
-Great for Networks with Multiple Computers (2 or more)
-Eliminates Lag in Online Xbox, PS2, GameCube and PC Gaming
-Plug and Play Installation, and Automatic Configuration

What Others are Saying About the Broadband Booster:

“…the HBB1 did a stellar job of preventing the FTP upload from degrading VoIP traffic.”

- Tom’s Networking

“Latency, known as “packet loss” in benchmarking terms, almost disappeared on a Vonage VoIP account.  We tested multiple FTP uploads, Xbox and PC online gaming, and even fired up all those activities plus a Web conferencing session simultaneously and noticed very little packet loss.  The HBB1 certainly performs better than the Quality of Service features found on some routers…”

- Laptop Magazine

“The numbers and figures speak for themselves. The Hawking Broadband Booster really makes a difference when a game or any other time-sensitive application has to share an Internet connection with other applications.
We stressed the Hawking Broadband Booster and the device responded in all scenarios, proving that it offers not just a marginal but a considerable improvement when it attaches to a home network. Even if in some situations games were not playable (because we intentionally created the worst scenarios), it is impossible to pass up the performance enhancement that results from putting the HBB1 into work.”

- Team XBox .com
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Source : Hawking

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  • John Piper says:

    I recently purchased this device and let me say what a big difference it makes. Now the only things affecting my ability to play Call of Duty is my inaccurate shooting and the Playstation Network ;)