Samsung is Said to be Bringing an Android Powered iPod Touch Competitor To CES

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Rumors are stirring about on the blogosphere this morning of an Android powered mp3 player from Samsung that will be announced at CES this year.  Tagged as the Galaxy Player, it appears as if it is going to be the same as a Galaxy S phone with the phone portion removed.  That means a 4″ screen at 800×480 resolution, 1Ghz Hummingbird processor, 3.2 megapixel camera on the back with a front facing VGA camera and Android 2.2 with TouchWiz running the show.  It looks as if the screen will be a Super Clear LCD instead of the Super AMOLED that we have seen on the Galaxy S phones previously.  Capacities available will be 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.  There will also be access to the Android Market so this seems like it will be a full Android experience and not a crippled media player. Our eyes will be on Samsung at CES to get a release date and price for this bad boy. Does this excite you or have you ditched your standalone mp3 player for a smartphone long ago? Check out the images and let us know what you think in the comments!

Samsung has announced a new Android-based Galaxy Player that will be showcased next week at the CES 2011. Samsung says the new music player takes inspiration from its successful Galaxy S phone and is spec’d similarly sans the cellular connectivity.

The 9.9mm thick Galaxy Player (YP-GB1) runs on Android 2.2 Froyo OS and features a 1GHz CPU, 4-inch Super Clear LCD screen supporting up to WVGA resolution (800×480), T-DMB, SoundAlive audio enhancing technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, 3.2MP rear camera with front facing camera for video calling, GPS, HD video playback, microSD card slot, Android Market and Samsung Apps access and a 1200mAh removable battery.

Samsung is also expected to show other Android PMPs like YP-G50 and hopefully the recently certified YP-GB70.

Source: Samsung Hub

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  • Jpsandscl says:

    right on nephew! I think Samsung makes some fantastic products. They have taken the mantle from Sony for consumer electronics IMHO. We have one of the HDTVs and it is superb.

    Some of the main issues i have with anything Apple is their proprietary nature (only buy from iTunes on your iPod for example). They want to lock you inot their world in a tightly knit vertically integrated company which knows all your purchasing habits, credit ratings, likes, dislikes, etc. It is just like Google or Facebook this way. Then they not only use this info to offer you things from them, but they’ll sell this data to whomever they can too. I think it is a demeaning of the concept of personal privacy through many of the innovations Apple pursues and exploits.