Swiftkey Updated and Free Trial Extended!

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For those of you Android users thinking about changing keyboards, you might want to give Swiftkey a try. Personally, I love the predictions. I must admit, the app knows me pretty well. Most keyboards try to finish the word you are typing. Swiftkey does one better–it tries to predict the next few words you’re going to type. It freaked me out the first time I tried it because it was as if it was reading my mind. But, it really does save me time! Swiftkey has recently updated their app, giving us an HD skin, improved fonts, five keyboard layouts, and five new languages. The full version, in my opinion, is well worth the $3.99 price, but if you want to try the free version, that has been extended to 31 days as a holiday promotion.  Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Get the trial version here.

Get the full version for $3.99 here.

Swiftkey, one of our favorite keyboards for Android — just got a pretty major update. The already stellar key design is now even better, with an HD skin and better fonts. Five languages have been added, as well as five new keyboard layouts. There have been a fair amount of bugfixes, and the trial version of the keyboard (the full version is $3.99) has been increased to 31 days as a holiday promotion.

Swiftkey might not be your favorite keyboard, but it definitely warrants a look. We’ve got download links after the break, and you can find the full release notes at the source. [Swiftkey]

Source: Android Central

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